Best Gym Bags in 2019 Reviews

Best Gym Bags in 2019 Reviews

Whenever you need a grab-and-go type of a bag to bring during your workouts or a weekend trip, a spacious gym bag should be a perfect choice. In these best gym bags in 2019 reviews, we bring to you 10 of our favorite products that have met our standards in terms of durability, design, and value for the money. It may be worth looking at these items, so you have several options on what to buy for your needs.

A gym bag features a main compartment and a few pockets where you can organize a wide range of items. It is usually made from water-resistant materials such as polyester with a PVC coating to boost its durability. As for the pockets, these may be made from mesh with or without a zipper or some type of closure. There are gym bags with a shoulder strap and handle on the top, and you have to option to remove or adjust the strap according to your preference.

So, if you are in the market for a good travel bag, let’s take a look at the best gym bags in 2019 reviews below. Find out more about the top features, benefits, and some limitations of these products to guide you further in making a choice.

5.Homaste Gym Bag with Dopp Kit

You will like this classy gym bag that comes with a bonus dopp kit for your toiletries. The bag has a large capacity with a durable zipper to keep your belongings neat and secure. Made from nylon with PVC coating, this bag is waterproof and solid. It is also quite light at 26 ounces, so there is no extra heft after you organize your things inside the bag. What’s more, there is a vented shoe pocket with double mesh design for ample ventilation. This is also where you can place wet items such as your swimsuit, dirty clothes, and moist towels.

The shoe compartment has a meshed exterior that works for airing out and preventing a buildup of mildew. But this design also may cause your shoes to get wet if your bag is exposed to rain. This is why you might want to wrap your shoes or any wet items in a plastic bag before putting it into the compartment.

4.MIER 18-Inch Small Gym Bag

If you need a smaller gym bag for your overnight trip or workout session, then this 18-inch bag should be a perfect option. It is a small, yet roomy duffel gym bag that features a zippered compartment on the exterior for your shoes. This part of the bag is also ventilated, so your dirty and wet gear is separated from your shoes. There is an inner pocket for your accessories, a side mesh pocket for your water bottle, and the main compartment for larger items such as your gym clothes, towels, and yoga mat.

It is a multi-purpose bag that you can use to keep your dirty laundry, gym items, or clothes and toiletries for a trip. The exterior is made from a thick and solid material, plus the bottom of the bag is tough enough to protect it from moisture or dirt.

3.Mosiso Canvas Gym Bag

Great for the gym, shopping, or travel, this canvas gym bag has ample room for storing and organizing a wide range of items. There is a zippered front pocket on the outside and the inside, which you can use as a space for your wallet, keys, and headphones. If you have wet or dirty clothes, you can place these inside the side compartment as there is a ventilated design to keep them from getting musty. The base panel is also sturdy, thick, and water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry in case you put your bag down on a moist floor.

This gym bag has a catchy color, which makes it eye-catching and appealing. The size is also just right as it is not too small or too big. With plenty of pockets and a roomy main compartment, you can take every essential item you need and organize them in this well-made bag.

2.ProEquip 17-Inch Gym Bag

At 17 inches in length, this is a great bag that you can use as a carry-on, workout bag, or luggage for your camping trip. It is made from sturdy materials with a versatile design that should be perfect for whatever your purpose you have in mind for it. With a lightweight quality, it is easy to carry without an extra heft and drag to it. As an addition, there are mesh pockets specially designed for your water bottles.

As this is not your regular large gym bag, this should be a good storage space for a limited amount of items. It is not something you can bring for a week-long or even a three-day trip.

1.Vooray Roadie 16-Inch Gym Duffle Bag

Perfect for the gym or travel, this gym bag has the right size that will make it fit well inside a standard locker. You can also use this as your luggage or carry on as it should be easy to place in an overhead storage compartment on the plane. Made from 600 Denier polyester, this is thick enough to keep your items protected from moisture. There are ample compartments for your items whether you want to place them in the front zippered pocket on the bag’s exterior or the open size pocket.

This bag includes two straps in brown and black color, which are removable and adjustable. Our only complaint about this bag is the slight chemical smell, so you may want to air it out before using.

Choosing the right gym bag for your needs may be tough, but our list of the top products in the market should help you make a practical decision. With our best gym bags in 2019 reviews, you have a few options to look into when you shop for the perfect bag to bring along on your trip or workouts.

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